Yashash Pugalia

Software Engineer

Yashash Pugalia

Work Experience


Aug 2023 - Present

Canberra, Australia - Remote

Stack: Svelte · Flask · PostgreSQL · Tailwind/DaisyUI

Inflection Zone Lab

Jun 2023 - Jul 2023

Pune, India - Remote

Consulted as a Senior Front-End Developer, providing mentorship on best practices and code quality. Played a key role in building the foundation for the developer productivity/low-code tool the team was working on. Refactored the existing codebase for the dashboard for one of their healthcare clients.

Stack: Svelte · TypeScript · Tailwind/SkeletonUI

Realm Labs AI

Jan 2023 - Jul 2023

New York, United States - Remote

Stack: Svelte/Kit · TypeScript · MongoDB · Prisma · Google Cloud Platform (GCP) · Tailwind/DaisyUI


Recreation of the Windows 11 desktop experience for the web.

Nominated for "Fun Side Project of the Year" JS Open Source Awards 2023, part of JSNation Conference: osawards.com/javascript/…

The project has gained attention from industry figures like :

It has also been featured in notable blogs and newsletters such as :

Built with Svelte, JavaScript/ TypeScript, CSS/ Tailwind.

Win11React GitHub

2021 - 2022

I was the lead Front-End contributor to this project which aims to simulate the windows 11 experience on the web. Built with React, Redux, CSS, GitHub-Actions. Used by 3.1M+ users, viewed 7.8M+ times in 2023.


Bennett University

2022 - 2026

Bachelor of Technology - B.Tech, Computer Science